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Cope Ehlers, P.C.

Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance

Cope Ehlers, P.C. attorneys advise their clients on all regulatory, policy wording and product development related to commercial trade credit insurance and political risk insurance. The attorneys in the Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance Group have singular experience ensuring that Trade Credit and Political Risk policy forms comply with applicable state law, successfully shepherding policy forms through the regulatory form filing approval process or identifying regulatory exemptions that obviate the need for regulatory form filings. We also advise clients on OFAC and trade sanction compliance issues arising in connection with Trade Credit and Political Risk coverage.

Cope Ehlers attorneys have an established track record of reviewing, drafting and negotiating manuscript and syndicated policies that ensure the desired transfer of Trade Credit and Political risk without exposing clients to unintended risks. Our attorneys also have extensive experience providing legal advice on Trade Credit policies that support accounts receivable purchasing or asset backed lending programs provided by banks and corporate financing captives. Cope Ehlers attorneys advise clients on Political Risk cover provided in connection with Trade Credit as well as coverage provided under manuscripted and syndicated Political Risk insurance policies covering sovereign non-honoring of (i) payment obligations, (ii) guarantees and (iii) letters of credit and covering (i) confiscation, (ii) expropriation, (iii) nationalization and (iv) deprivation of ownership interests in property and assets abroad (CEND).

Cope Ehlers attorneys draft and negotiate Trade Credit single risk and excess of loss policies, reinsurance treaties and facultative arrangements, and claims cooperation agreements for its clients. Our attorneys also provide coverage opinions, serve as external claim adjusters and represent clients in mediation, arbitration or litigation to resolve claim disputes.

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