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Fidelity & Crime

Counsel at Cope Ehlers, P.C. have extensive experience in handling a variety of issues arising under fidelity and crime insurance products, ranging from traditional coverages such as employee theft, on premises and in transit losses under financial institution forms, to first-party and third-party losses under commercial crime forms and expanded coverages for computer-related and cyber criminal activities. Our attorneys provide counsel for each phase and facet of fidelity and crime insurance claims, including:

  • The investigation of causes and proofs of loss
  • Assessment of coverage, and when necessary, coverage litigation
  • Determination of an insured’s gross and net damages
  • Consideration of an insured’s potential liabilities to third parties
  • The feasibility and pursuit of loss mitigation and subrogation, whether involving restitution from those directly responsible for loss, or the pursuit of other parties bearing financial responsibility under contract, statute or common law.
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